Utopic Works v2

After long nights, endless debates, few sketches and several months we were able to launch our brand new website -Utopic Works v2- this week.

We always considered any digital agency’s website is #1 portfolio item to understand their ability and approach towards the field they operate. To that end, we tried to come up with best solutions, which would perfectly reflect our skill set. Some parts of our website may not offer best solutions by marketing perspective. Consider our Homepage, we will probably face really high bounce rate when we check the analytics. However, we are 100% sure that who loves the little puzzle/gamification example there, will be one of the our happy customers.

By the way, we have several other puzzles, jokes and gamification examples hidden! in Utopic Works v2 for you to enjoy. Feel free to post some suggestions for further implementations in the comments below or through the Contact page.

Regarding our blog and posts, in the past we did not use our blog actively. With the Utopic Works v2, we decided to publish regular posts on our blog not only about our projects. From now on, we will post some cool stuff related with our field of operation in our weekly or biweekly posts. About the few post we had in our blog before, we just decided to act like our blog never existed before. Shhhh.

Finally, we also decided to be more active in our social media accounts as well. In addition to our existing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest as well in order to find some original posts.

So, I hope you enjoy our website and blog as much as we do and we are looking forward to hear your feedbacks.

Anything to add to the discussion? Post it in the comments below.