Who are we?

Utopic Works is operated by people who have enthusiasm to work on something they really enjoy. As freelancers we decided to put our experience and education on basic design, visual communication and visual perception into some good use.

What are we interested in?

As Utopic Works we provide services in four main areas namely Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design and Web Development. While providing great solutions for the varying needs of our projects, we are also trying to establish strong connections with our customers! Indeed, we don’t just provide technical solutions to our customers. We are aware of the importance of simplicity, visual uniqueness and story-telling to be successful.

Need further proof?

You don’t have to look any further, just look at our logo! There is a simple reason why we use a cube as a logo. As an organization focusing on digital design, geometry is our main advisor. Cubes are created with squares. Squares can be used to create any two-dimensional shape you can think of. They have triangles, rectangles, even parallelograms in themselves. So in some sense, with its equal angles and lengths square represents a simple and perfect shape. The cube is a three-dimensional, excellent reflection of a square. The cube has a great and utopic geometry!