UDA Consulting

UDA Consulting is an international consultancy firm based in Ankara, which works in various fields such as Statistics, GIS and Project Management.

We provided Website Design, Website Development, Content Management System (CMS) Integration, Mobile & Responsive Interface Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, Catalog Design, Letterhead Design, Envelope Design and Presentation Design services to UDA Consulting.

One of the first items provided to UDA Consulting was a brochure where the work fields of the firm was introduced. Design of the brochure was critical since they would like to visualize their services and previous works while looking for others. Later, a comprehensive website was designed in a simple yet functional way, where a visitor can easily find the previous projects under a well organised and systematical categorization. Finally, in order to maintain the branding as a whole, cover pages for projects, folders, envelopes and letterheads were designed. Through these, UDA Consulting reached a modern and operational image with elegant details.

Project Details

January 2015
UDA Consulting