Contact – First step to start our work process! Contact us via e-mail or telephone i.e by traditional means (since when e-mail is traditional?) OR use our shiny tool named Cook to sketch first draft of your ideas and wait us to reach you. Surely, it is way better for us to understand your necessities and wishes through this tool. Do not hesitate to play with it.

Proposal – Everything has a price, sorry. Depending on your wishes, we will ask for some money. Do not forget that every item that we produce is unique and tailor-made for you. That’s why we can not tell an average price of website.

Discovery – With the wooden ships, we are going to sail away to unkno…  That was centuries ago. We will find out every detail of your needs to deliver you the best service.

DesignCreativity takes time. Think about the world. It took thousands of years  to create such -much- bright designers. This is the part where we have the longest, sleepless nights, producing lots of things and argue within ourselves. We will draft -as many possible- you will like all of them.

Development – We are happy to adjust, fix, reform, restore, re-anything again, and again, until you love it. This is the only thing that matters in the end.

Testing“I am clicking the contact button and receiving weird e-mails. A friend of mine told me that, website is not working on Internet Explorer.” We won’t allow such things. That’s why we have such a phase called testing. We. Test. Everything.

Next! – Your project will find itself a happy place in our Portfolio while we were talking on our next project with you!