Antrium Yatak

Antrium Yatak, founded in 2008, is a bed distributer that aims to provide the home comfort mainly for hotels.

We provided various services such as Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development, Content Management System (CMS) Integration, Mobile & Responsive Interface Design, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Evaluation, Logo Development, Tagline Development and Business Card Design to Antrium Yatak.

In the plain logo of the company, comfort was reflected with the minimal uses of strokes. Abstraction of a “comfort bed” is reflected by a white line which basically maintained the visual consistency within the website. Use of dark colors is principally to evoke the cozy feeling of a silent bedroom. Helping people to feel at home when they are working with Antrium Yatak was also aimed when they are searching through the homepage.

Project Details

December 2015
Antrium Yatak