Bülent Tanık

Bülent Tanık is a former politician, who served as the mayor of Çankaya Municipality in Ankara.

We provided different services to Bülent Tanık such as Logo Design, Flyer Design, Advertisement Design, Website Design, Website Development, Content Management System (CMS) Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Online Audience Targeting and Advertisement Strategy.

Keeping the design as simple as possible was the main purpose, since he wanted the keep the focus on the articles and content. Thus, we created a “blog-like” website where the reader can easily look up through older articles as well as new ones. We also worked in his advertisement campaigns as well as the preparation of printed materials.

We are still working with Bülent Tanık.

Project Details

January 2015
Bülent Tanık