John F. Shoul Store

John F. Shoul Store is a family owned and operated business serving in Antigua and Barbuda to carry textile fabrics, clothing for the entire family, and home furnishings & accessories.

We provided several services to John F. Shoul Store such as Poster Design, Flyer Design, Advertisement Design, Website Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Brand Evaluation, Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy and Advertisement Strategy.

We initially worked with John F. Shoul Store for the listing of their items on their website, which consisted content development and strategy. In the following period we also assisted them in their website design updates for occasional events. We designed the banners for the website on regular basis. Next, we helped them to run their promotions which required the design of posters, flyers and advertisement strategy.

Project Details

September 2014
John F. Shoul Store